Berkeley’s Molly VH Hour Record Attempt

***UPDATE 6:03 PDT: Molly has set a new American, Pan-American, and UCI Best Performance W40-44 after riding an incredible 45.637km in Aguascalientes earlier today.  This beats her previous American record, as well as the old UCI Best Performance by just under 5km!  Congrats Molly!***

***UPDATE: Unfortunately due to slow a slow internet connection, Molly’s team wasn’t able to get a live-feed.  She’s been on the track for the better part of 45 minutes and we should have confirmation shortly as to what the outcome is!***

If you’re reading this thinking that she’s already done it, you’re correct. Just a bit over two months ago, in fact. On December 14th, 2014 the UC Berkeley Law professor went down to the Velo Sports Center in Los Angeles and broke what was a 24 year old record – and had there been UCI officials present, what would have been the UCI Master’s Best Performance in her age category.

Given that Thomas Decker has just made an attempt at the UCI Men’s Hour Record, Molly will have UCI officials present that could validate her attempt if over the current record of 40.711 Km.

The time of day should be around 4:30pm PDT which is what Molly and her team have determined to be the ideal time given the barometric pressure and temperature will be at that time.

Whether you’re from the Bay Area or not, this will be an event worth following, and luckily Rob (Molly’s husband) has set-up a live-feed from the track that will be embedded on this page.

Here’s a link to some pictures from Aguascalientes, Mexico which literally translates to “Hot waters.”

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