Cervelo’s Personal Best | Introducing the P5X


The big day has indeed arrived, 140.6 or 365ish to be more exact(ish) – Worth the wait? We think so. Below are some of the details about the latest from Cervelo. There we say their personal best?

The bike is indeed radical looking and the result of a very close collaboration between HED, Enve, and Cervelo. It’ a one-piece design and is manufactured in Minnesota at HED’s facility.

Frame Details

The P5X is NOT a beam bike, it is, however, a bike with no seat tube and seat stays. It’s one of the stiffest bike Cervelo has ever produced, and in comparison to the P5, head tube stiffness is up 25% and bottom bracket stiffness is also greater than its predecesor.

The P5X is a monocoque frame, which results in vertical and torsional stiffness at the saddle nearly identical to the P5.

The P5X is more aero than the P5 in both its fully dressed and naked configurations. Yes, disc brakes can be more aerodynamic.

Geometry and Sizing

Stepping away from its traditional sizing, and due to its adjustability, the Cervelo P5X will be offered in four sizes. Most people will have the ability to fit three sizes, though only one will most likely be optimal. We’ll have more information about fit and sizing on a separate post.



The Cervelo P5X aims to be the most adjustable triathlon bike out. Their innovative base bar, and pedestal configuration – designed in partnership with Enve – gives riders a wide range of adjustability. Both fore/aft, as well as up and down.


Basebar angled down


Basebar angled up

Build Options

The Cervelo P5X will be offered in two build options. The flagship build, offered at time of launch with SRAM eTAP and Enve Wheels. As of December 1st, the P5X will be offered in an Ultegra Di2 build with a combination of a Jet6/9+ wheelset.

Pricing on the P5X will be $15,000 for the eTAP build, and $11,000 for the Ultegra Di2 offering.