Featured Bike – Cervélo RCa with Super Record

We’ve not been shy about teasing the frame when it first arrived, and we’re certainly not going to be shy about showing off the complete build.  I don’t think we need to explain ourselves, but just in case, it’s simple – we’re just excited about the newest iteration of Cervélo’s Project California (RCa) and we know a lot of people are too.  Are we impressed? absolutely!  Surprised?  Not at all.  We had high expectations and Cervélo delivered and judging by the reaction to this particular build, we’re not alone.

Aside from the typical questions about weight and price we’re asked rather often about the number of frames that will be made under the latest “project.”  Though Cervélo hasn’t given an official answer, one thing is clear: these are rare.  To date, there may be 35-50 worldwide, and even if production is scheduled to be in the 250-300, the one-per-day capacity means if you can’t get one right now, you’re not getting one until Spring at the earliest.  We’re happy to say our availability is healthy in the core sizes, so if you’ve got a build in mind, we’d love to help you!



The build for this bike came together quite seamlessly.  Ultimately a bike like this can’t be built with just anything, and in this particular case, it had to be reliable with a subtle flashiness to it.  The build kit is Campagnolo’s 2015 mechanical Super Record with the updated front and rear derailleurs.  The only deviation being the crankset, which is the lighter, and more traditional looking Over-Torque, instead of the newly released Ultra-Torque.



It’s important that the seatpost, bar, and stem matched the overall theme, and 3T was the choice.  The Ionic Team Stealth is a good compromise between looks, functionality, and weight.  The 3T Tornova Team Stealth bar combines the ergo top with a classic bend, while keeping the black on black theme we were after.  The stem of choice was the stiffer, arguably more reliable, 3T ARX Team Stealth as opposed to the carbon LTD version.



Wheels are Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers with Vittoria Open Corsa CX tires, for now at least. It’s a good choice, but then again so are the 303’s or even 404’s for the variably hilly terrain here in the Northern California Bay Area.



We’ll be posting other featured bikes from time to time, so make sure you check the blog regularly.  To inquire about the RCa, or if you’ve got any questions or comments in general, please drop us a line or feel free to comment below.


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