Cervelo RCA Project California & S5

In a much anticipated announcement from EuroBike (Thanks in part to Cervélo’s Instagram feed), Cervélo unveiled the latest iterations of the Project California RCA, and S5.  Industry insiders and select members of the cycling media had been under an information embargo effective until 11am CET, so aside from Cervélo employees and the aforementioned “lucky ones” no details have been made available until now.


Project California: RCA


Is it possible to improve upon something that’s already flawless?  Apparently so, and Cervélo claims that the third edition of their Project California bike does just that.  How? “With weight, stiffness and ride quality as priorities for engineering and design, the new RCA frame and fork are now both made entirely by hand at Cervélo’s Project California facility, utilizing new proprietary fabrication techniques, layup and materials.”


As expected, the latest iteration of Project California comes at a price – $10,000 for the frame and fork to be exact.  We’re certain availability will be extremely limited and these frames won’t last long, so get your pocketbooks ready.






S5: Systems Thinking = Out-of-the-Box Speed


The “other” bike – the polarizing S5 is due to get a bit of a makeover as well.  Whilst not adopted as widely as most Cervélo enthusiasts would have hoped, it’s pleading it’s case once again.  And look out! because the fastest road bike is potentially getting faster.  And better.

The new S5 takes into consideration the overall system to improve upon the “Classic S5.”  In particular, how the frame, rider, components, and conditions all come together and thus affect aerodynamics and performance.  The result Cervélo claims is improved stiffness and ride qualities without sacrificing aerodynamics or weight.

In terms of retail price, it’s going to be offered in a variety of Shimano builds including both Di2 groups.  The frame, fork, and seatpost are set at $4,500, which relatively speaking is fairly “affordable” for a bike of this caliber.







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