Speedplay Syzr Stainless

Speedplay Syzr Stainless

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Designed for riders who are dissatisfied with traditional MTB pedals and want more than just a basic connection, the SYZR is the result of a Speedplay’s effort to develop the ultimate, made-to-go-anywhere clipless pedal system.

Until now, cyclists could only choose between road or MTB clipless pedals.  Road pedals offer the stable platform and power efficiency riders want, but they don’t work in mud. Off-road pedals are made for mud and walking, but their inferior connection is wobbly and wastes power.

To eliminate the problem of wasted power, the SYZR uses a 4-point contact, cinched together by downforce, to create a rock-solid connection not found in any other MTB system. The SYZR combines a stable connection, previously found only in road pedals, with the functionality of an MTB pedal to deliver optimal efficiency on any surface.SYZRs also include the renowned fit, feel and user-friendly features that cyclists have come to expect from Speedplay.

Available in the following custom spindle options:

  • 50mm

  • 53mm

  • 55mm (stock)

  • 59mm

  • 65mm

Available in the following stack options:

  • 2mm

  • 4mm

  • 5mm

  • 7mm

  • 9mm

  • 11mm

  • 13mm

  • 15mm

Spindle Type:
Spindle Length:
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