Power, Comfort, and Efficiency

We believe the fit process is essential to all levels of riders and have the tools and knowledge necessary to cater to your specific needs. Our dedicated Fit Studio is outfitted with a Purely Custom Fit Bike, complete with CompuTrainer software. As part of our fit services, we have access to Test saddles from Cobb, ISM, Fizik, Prologo, and Selle Italia. We also have handlebars and aerobars of different widths, as well as a full size-run of Bont demo shoes that include Vaypor, Vaypor XC, and A2 models. We offer two types of fits, which meet the needs of individuals new and experienced, cyclists and triathletes. See the details for each fit below.




How We Find Your Ideal Bike


Simply put, it’s not simple. There are several factors that determine whether a bike is ideal for a rider: height, inseam, torso, arm length, shoulder width, hip ankle flexibility, etc. even before we consider the bike’s intended purpose. A rider who dreams of a Cervelo R5 might find out that the R3’s geometry is better suited. We want to make sure the bike you choose can grow with you. As your flexibility changes or you’re ready for a more aggressive position, you’ll want a bike that allows you freedom to make future adjustments without sacrificing the bike’s riding characteristics, its intended use, and of course aesthetics. 

It’s also important to point out that just because we can make a bike fit, doesn’t mean we should. We want to make sure our bike recommendations line up with your body morphology, your position, your riding style, and what you want the bike to feel like when you ride it. If we’re going to sell you a bike, we want to make sure it’s the right bike.



A rider’s bike size is determined by a number of factors. It’s not solely determined by height or inseam measurements and it can be influenced by the frame's geometry.



There’s more to it than looking at the labeled size, the top tube, or seat tube measurements. The geometry will tell us if a frame is right for you.



Your intended purpose for the bike matters. Coffee shop rides, mixed terrain rides, criterium racing, triathlon, etc. We want to know how you plan to ride your bike.



Dynamic Bike Fit

We recommend this fit when looking for a new bike or to more drastically transform your position. It’s critical to assess each person’s body morphology and flexibility to ensure the optimal geometry of the bike. The fit process involves putting you on our Purely Custom fit bike, where we’ll dynamically modify your position and try out a wide range of options. We’ll identify your “stack and reach” and then provide a recommendation of bikes which will best fit you. Dynamic Fits typically take 1.5-2 hours. Cost: $250 (credit can be applied if a new bike over $4,000 is purchased, ask us for details).



Static Bike Fit

If you’re looking to optimize your position on your current bike, this is the fit we’d recommend. We’ll take the necessary time to understand your concerns about pain or discomfort, or consider options to improve aerodynamics. We’ll set-up your bike on our stationary trainer and adjust your position until we’ve met our objectives. Static Fits typically take 1-1.5 hours. Cost: $100 for the basic fit, $150 with pedal/cleat analysis.



Navigate All The Choices 

The final step of the fit, time to decide which bikes accommodate the rider’s position. Just because a bike can be made to fit, doesn’t mean it should. This is when we ensure the position will translate properly to the actual bike, in a way that it won’t sacrifice the bike’s riding and handling characteristics.