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Not all bike shops are made the same 

We’re not the bike shop for everyone; we don’t want to be. We don’t sell mountain bikes, kids bikes, cruisers, or commuters. We’re not sending you out on a quick test ride of the bikes we happen to have in stock, or trying to push last year’s closeouts. So, what will we do? We’ll ask questions. We’ll have a conversation, we want to find out about your riding style, your favorite ride, your ambitions. Do you race? Or have no interest in ever doing so? Do you ride the hills? Or just enjoy keeping a fast pace when it flattens out? Have you had any specific injuries we should keep in mind? We’re here to help find your ideal road, gravel, or triathlon bike, and knowing you is the first step. 



Preview Our Bikes

We’re excited to offer a line-up of cycling and triathlon’s strongest bike brands. We offer a range of product from Cervelo, BMC, Scott, Factor, and Open.


Road & Gravel

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Ride the Bay Area 

The Bay Area offers some of the most iconic riding in the world, we know how lucky we are. Whether you’re local or not, join us or one of the many other groups for a ride.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite go-to rides from the shop. Take a look, and if you’re just visiting the Bay Area, we hope you brought your climbing legs.

If you’re interested in racing with us, in either cycling or triathlon, be sure to get in touch.



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