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The rise of the distracted, texting, driver, the monotony of riding the same roads, the potholes and traffic lights, Waze, on and on... People’s interests are changing, at least as far as drop-bar bicycles are concerned. The introduction of disc brakes as the new standard have given us a lot more flexibility in what purpose a bike can serve, which given the above, is a really good thing. 

We were one of the early retailers of OPEN Cycles, arguably the brand that sparked this latest wave of innovation, and we’re proud to be working with 3T, another Gerard Vroomen-lead company that is leading the way in what this new bicycle will be. 


Currently 3T offers two platforms, the Exploro, and the Strada. Within those two there are a couple of variations, combined with the endless build options, it’s a pretty extensive platform.


The Exploro, the aero bike that looks like a gravel bike. Or the gravel bike that looks like an aero race bike. It doesn’t really matter, chances are that whatever you’re looking for in a drop-bar bike, short of a heavy-duty stuff-hauling-bike, the Exploro can be built to suit your needs. Even better, if carefully spec’d, this bike can be set-up to do what some of us are doing with 2 or 3 different bikes.


The Strada is a bit more specific. 3T refers to it as a wide-tire aero road bike, which isn’t really that unique anymore. At one point, given that it was only offered as a 1X frame, it was really pushing the envelope. Now offered as a 1X and standard 2X (albeit electronic only) this bike is 3T’s solution to the rider who wants a fast bike, with unrivaled compliance.


If you’d like to discuss options, builds, or would like to have the opportunity to ride make sure to get in touch, we’ll be happy to help. We currently have Exploro’s in size Small, Medium, or Large in our demo fleet.

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