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Posted by Andres Douzoglou on

The iconic Italian brand is now offered at Beyond Aero, and saying we’re excited would be a bit of an understatement. Whilst we feel strongly about all of our brands, there’s a certain “non so cosa” about this brand (that’s je n’ais ce quoi in Italian) we can’t quite put into words.

While we’ve got access to the complete range of current bikes offered by our friends at Pinarello, we’re particularly excited about the Dogma F12, the Grevil, and of course the Bolide TR & TR+.

Over the coming days, we’ll plan on featuring the Grevil & Bolide offerings, but we figured we’d start off with the flagship, the Dogma F12 below.

Available in rim & disc (or disk, as Pinarello calls it) the F12 is the quintessential Italian race bike. It’s hard to come across a bad bike by the “heads of state” brands these days, and narrowing down one’s list by bikes that “ride well” is going to still leave quite a few choices. Of course, the Dogma F12 has a reputation as a top-notch bike, but aside from that, here’s a few things we’re excited about in particular.


The F12 offers 13 different sizes, and while it may sound excessive, there’s a method to their madness. As a rider, your position is likely either suited for a tall & narrow frame, or a long and low one. With 13 different sizes, there’s one that is going to fit you really well. Most brands offer five or six, with more than twice as many, this is as close to a custom-geometry frame a production frame will likely offer.


In the days where the definition of a road bike is less & less clear, the Dogma F12 isn’t unclear about what it is. Don’t get us wrong we’re full-fledge, card-carrying, members of the gravel “cult” - but we’re still saving a spot in our personal rack for a proper road bike. The F12 meets and exceeds every race-bike cliché out there: fast, torsionally stiff, vertically compliant, light(ish). If you’re looking for a road bike that fits 32mm tires, this isn’t it. While tire clearance has increased from its predecessor, the Dogma F10, max clearance is stated as 28mm, measured.


Even though we’ve found press-fit bottom brackets to be pretty reliable and problem free, it’s nice to have a threaded bottom bracket for a change. Yes, it’s a bit heavier, but that’s about it as far as “downsides” go, and the upside of something that is tried and true far outweighs any weight penalty that may come along with it. 


We’d be lying if we didn’t mention the way this bike looks. While that is somewhat subjective, we’re not the only ones that think so. 

That’s it for the F12 for now, check back with us in a couple of days for the Grevil & Grevil+

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