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It’s hard to think that it’s been a year since we first met Rob, Molly’s husband, as he walked into the shop to discuss track frames for Molly. This was also around the time that Jens Voigt was getting ready to attempt his Hour Record. The UCI’s decision to get rid of some equipment restrictions to allow pursuit bikes for the Hour Record had re-invigorated the interest of a quite a few riders, one of which happened to be Molly.

Fast forward a year, lots of fun conversations about fast and aero equipment, and the Cervelo T4 frame Molly picked up at the shop is now the one that was ridden to the Women’s World Hour Record in Aguascalientes, Mexico on September 12th, 2015. Of course, we’re thrilled we had front row seats along the way, so congrats once again Molly and Rob!

Below is an exclusive gallery of the Hour Record setting Cervelo T4, of which every component was meticulously picked.

The Cervelo T4 doesn’t have the same level of integration as some of the other bikes used for HR attempts, but however it’s clearly a fast frame.

The aerobar pads are as narrow as they’ll go. The HED Lazy-S bend extensions proved to be the fastest and most comfortable for Molly.

The view from behind the Dash saddle/seatpost combo. Also, the USE pursuit pods look uncomfortable, but aside from the start, Molly didn’t use those.

The Rotor Track SRM with 56 tooth chainring, CeramicSpeed equipped Mavic disc, and UFO chain.

The SRM magnet is hidden in there. The rules for track riding state that one cannot use a computer, which is why it’s nicely mounted underneath the saddle.

Molly chose a 14 tooth Dura-Ace track cog. Another shot of the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain coated with a white powdery substance.

Tires are important, and in this particular the PSI was “as high as the pump would allow” said Rob.

The non-drive side of the Hour Record setting Cervelo T4. As of the Sunday after the attempt, Molly had yet to look at her SRM data.

Congrats Molly!

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